9th International Conference on Geomorphology (9th ICG) 6th - 11th November 2017
Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi

Organized By: Indian Institute of Geomorphologists (IGI)


Presenters & Authors of abstracts approved for ORAL presentation will be required to prepare their final presentation based on the following guidelines:

  • Oral Presentation will be delivered on stage with the help of required audio-visual aids.
  • Oral Presentation MUST BE made in English.
  • Final Oral Presentation must be prepared for a total presentation of 15mins (12mins for presentation + 3mins for Question & Answer).
  • Please note that Session Chairs have the right to terminate your running presentation in case you exceed the allotted time of 15mins.
  • Presenters MUST ENSURE that there is no copyright & trademark violation in their presentations.
  • Oral Presentation schedule & location/venue is mentioned in the Conference Program which has been uploaded in the 9th ICG official website, www.icg2017.com/detailed-programme.php
  • Ensure to carry a soft copy of Oral Presentation file in a USB drive free from any malware/viruses to the venue in case of any technical issue in uploading the same.
  • Presentation need to be uploaded in Speaker Room stationed at the Conference Venue at least 4 hours prior to Presentation Time.
  • Arrive in the designated hall at least 20 minutes in advance. Ensure with the help of Hall Assistants that your presentation is already in the podium system.
  • Finally, ensure that you’ve a paid & confirmed registration for the 9th ICG Conference.
  • Power Point Presentation in Plenary Hall will be 16:9 aspect ratio resolutions
  • Power Point Presentation in Parallel Halls will be 4:3 aspect ratio resolutions

Guidelines for Poster Presentation

  • The poster board provided is approximately 4 feet in height X 3 feet wide. Please try to limit the size of your entire poster to this size.
  • Your presentation number will be affixed to your assigned poster board.
  • Your presence is required during the poster presentation slot.
  • Ancillary material like pushpins, thumbtacks to mount your poster will be provided.
  • Kindly ensure to include the title, author names and the institution where the work was completed.
  • Please write the address, phone number of the department/ institution and your personal contact information like email. It is a good idea to bring copies of your visiting card and a few A4 size versions of your poster for sharing with interested delegates.
  • Use a type size that can be read easily from a considerable distance (4-5 feet).
  • Please select a legible font and try to limit font size between 14-18 point.
  • Preferably, the title should be larger than the rest of the text.
  • Try not to stand directly in front of your poster so that other delegates can view the entire poster.
  • Please bring your poster to the conference using tubular packaging or an appropriate carry bag to avoid damage in transit.
  • Do NOT mail your poster to the Conference Secretariat/ Scientific Committee. No computers or extra aids will be provided during poster presentation.
  • The Organizing Committee will discard posters not dismantled after the presentation time is over and does not assume responsibility for loss or damage to posters after the specified timings.
  • The Organizing Committee will not be responsible in case the Poster get damaged at the time of pasting on the poster board, during the poster session or at the time of removing the poster from poster board.
  • Evaluation time of your Poster Presentation is mentioned in Conference Program which has been uploaded in the 9th ICG official website, www.icg2017.com/detailed-programme.php
  • Present with your Poster Presentation at least 10 minutes in advance before evaluation time.
  • Participants are requested to hang their posters in the respectives places by 8.30hrs in the morning and take out the posters at 18.30hrs in the evening.
  • Each poster can be shown for one day only as per the schedule given at the bottom of each day programme.